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Hanzhong AnZhong Mechanical Co.,Ltd , joint-stock aviation high-tech enterprises, is Chinese premier industrial furnace maker, vice director member of Industrial Furnace Branch of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Association .
“Excellent material, delicate making, and high quality” is the core of Anzhong industrial furnace. For decades, AnZhong mechanical upholds an aviation technology and follows arm-manufacturing standards. We continuingly offer over 300 sets of industrial aluminum heat treatment furnace to one, two, three Alcoa Aluminum that are China’s flagship enterprises. Some industrial furnaces have gained the identified of Boeing enterprise, many products are the First in domestic; the highest in this field, and enjoy reputation in aluminum industry. "AnZhong" has become recognized brand in this field no matter in demotic or abroad.
AnZhong Industrial Furnaces: Top skills, First-class Quality! As long as there are aluminum for manufacturing, AnZhong sincerely make our effects for you!

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      • Hangzhong Anzhong Mechanical Co.,Ltd
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      • aluminium ingot, industrial furnace
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      • West district, Hanzhong Economical Developing Zone, Shanxi
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      • 723000
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      • Mr, Gu
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      • 0916-2168005
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      • 0916-2168075
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